A new game is in development for PC Eden: New Dawn

Eden - World Builder

Explore a world of limitless possibility. Build your own personal Eden. Unleash your creative and adventurous spirit!

Eden is a game that enables artistic expression in a new way. The innovative design of its game engine allows for sandbox fun like you've never experienced before. Build, destroy and explore your way through endless worlds. Discover the simple yet profound beauty of blocks.

Fun for all ages and played by millions; Eden is a best selling game on the App Store and has just received its biggest update yet!


★ Huge worlds to explore, build, and destroy
★ All kinds of materials to build with
★ Colors
★ Fire and explosives
★ Fireworks, portals, paint bombs, lights, doors and treasure cubes
★ Lovable creatures, including new aggressive ones
★ Community: share your builds with friends and explore new worlds
★ Millions of user created worlds

Requirements: Compatible with all iOS devices

What's New in Version 2.0

• All new world and biomes. Fireworks, portal doors, treasure cubes, lights, steel block, paint bombs.
• Sky painting
• Two new aggressive creatures, stalker and charger
• New graphics, music and sound effects
• Widescreen support
• Reporting tool to remove inappropriate content

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To suggest a world for the featured list, send the name and a picture to worlds@edengame.net


When's the next update coming out?
When it's done, probably sometime this year.

What's going to be in the next update?
It's a surprise.

Something is wrong, I can't play Eden, what do I do?
Try restarting the device, reinstalling the app, or updating to the latest iOS version may solve the issue.
You can also send an email to general@edengame.net with the specifics of the problem.

What platforms is Eden available on?
Eden is currently only available for iOS devices(iPhones, iPads, and iPod touches).

I can't find what I built, please help!
Try pressing the button that looks like a house in the menu and selecting "warp home". By default this will bring you to where you first entered the world. If you explore a little you can usually find lost buildings. You can also use the world sharing feature in the main menu to store a backup of your world online for safekeeping.